Other Projects

Some projects where I’m involved or I have been involved:

Albert Bover

-Albert Marquès Trio

-Anna Luna


Apel·les Carod

Arnau Obiols Projecte Pirene

-Carles Cases

-Casares Brothers Trio

-Eliot Zigmund Trio

-Eva Novoa Duo

Gemma Humet

Hugo Arán


-Jaume Vilaseca Trio

-Joao Vieira Lab Group

-Joan Solana Trio

Jordi Rabascall 5tet

-Jorge Abadias Quartet

-Marc Ayza Trio

Mark Aanderud

Matthias Bröde Trio

-Melissa Bertossi 4tet

-Nicolás Herrera Group

Olivier Jambois Trio

-Pau Boïgues Ensemble


Sabina Witt

Sebastián Domínguez Trio

-Sergi Sirvent Smooth Trio

-Sones de Marimba

Vernau Mier Frisson Sextet

-Wise Connections




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