Manel Fortià presents: LIBÉRICA feat. Antonio Lizana

After a long and intense musical career, participating in many different projects and just returned from New York, Manel Fortià presents his most original and innovative project, Libérica, with the great collaboration of Antonio Lizana, musician with whom he has already worked regularly in NYC.

Libérica takes an approach to flamenco jazz from a new perspective. On one hand, it seeks common ground with the traditional Catalan and Mediterranean songs. On the other hand, it states freedom as the most important quality of these styles. The result is that the freer elements of both jazz and flamenco come together for the first time in this project that perfectly combines tradition and experimentation.

The band is formed with some of the new talents of flamenco-jazz from Spain (Pere Martinez and Max Villavecchia (Los Aurora), Antonio Lizana (Antonio Lizana Project, Chano Dominguez & Antonio Lizana Quartet…)) and one of the new rising stars in the European modern jazz scene, also with a strong connection with NYC, the parisian drummer Raphael Pannier (Miguel Zenón, Aaron Goldberg…).

Manel Fortià: double bass and direction
Pere Martinez: voice
Max Villavecchia: piano
Raphael Pannier: drums
Antonio Lizana: saxophones and voice

They just released a new video of the project. It is the traditional Catalan song “La Dama d’Aragó” with Fandango-Jazz and Seguiriya (Flamenco) rhythm, and mixed with a traditional flamenco song. You can watch it on the following link:

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Management & Booking:

Toni Pino

*Liberica is a coproduction of Manel Fortia Music, La Marfà & Auditori de Girona